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Among the several needs for the restoration of commercial properties, concrete leveling a floor is one of those that stands out. If you are looking for a professional commercial concrete leveling, Extreme Spray Foam is here to help.

We serve all commercial properties in Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina. We offer a proven solution to stabilize and level uneven concrete slabs like driveways, sidewalks, and warehouse floors. We can fit the needs of your commercial project, large or small. 

Our polyurethane foam technology is designed to work under the most extreme conditions. We use a high-quality urethane polymer that expands into high-density foam to fill voids, lift and stabilize concrete and solve a wide range of structural applications.

Our team can choose the right formula for your specific application, whether it’s concrete leveling, void filling, soil stabilization, or joint stabilization. The procedures and processes for concrete lifting are similar for both commercial and residential applications. 

Our polyurethane foam system offers numerous benefits and features, such as: 


Our polyurethane foam solution weighs only about 4-6 pounds per cubic foot when installed, compared to traditional insulation material, which weighs about 120 pounds per cubic foot. 

High Capacity

Lifting action is the result of the expansion of the polymer. It allows for lifting a much higher load than traditional mud jacking that relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under a slab. 

Accurate Lift

The polyurethane foam has a calculated reaction time to allow for targeted, precise lifting of the slab. 


Our polyurethane foam solution is fully waterproof so that it won’t wash out. It won’t quickly be impacted by freeze cycles and can be used to under-seal slabs and stop various infrastructure leaks.

Quick Cure Time

Within 15 minutes after injection, your concrete slab is ready for heavy loading, compared to traditional methods, taking several days to cure.

If you own a commercial property, you need to regularly inspect your concrete structures to evaluate your current safety conditions and identify potential hazards. 

Whether you own or lease your commercial property, our concrete leveling services can help you protect your business from liability. We can level concrete structures, repair cracked or sunken concrete slabs, and prevent further concrete degradation.

Some of the commercial properties that we serve include:

Shopping Centers

Office Parks

Apartment Complexes

Multifamily Residences

Stand-Alone Retail Businesses


Warehouses and Industrial Spaces 

Don’t Settle for An Average Concrete Leveling Company!

Professional and well-done concrete leveling and repair can help you prevent foundation damage, expensive replacement, and tripping hazards. Our polyurethane foam system is highly effective and can deliver impressive results.

You can reach us out at (706) 932-FOAM. We offer free estimates on all our spray foam insulation services. Extreme Spray Foam proudly serves Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina! Give us a call today!

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