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A home’s crawl space is designed for convenience. Let the professionals of Extreme Spray Foam handle your crawl space encapsulation needs. Our team serves all properties of Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina.

We have honest and dedicated professionals. We will only quote what you need. Furthermore, our charges are all-in so that you won’t be surprised if any additional charges. 

It is used to promote air circulation through the home from a vent. Without proper insulation and humidity control, energy loss and mold growth can happen. Your crawl space should be treated like the rest of the house.

Moisture and humidity can make your crawlspace a breeding ground for mold. By closing off the crawlspace, you can reduce both humidity and humidity inside the home. You can also rid yourself of the worry of mold growth.

Extreme Spray Foam offers crawl space encapsulation services for existing homes and new construction. We begin our service with a thorough inspection, and based on our assessment, we develop a plan of action.

Controlling the moisture in your crawl space is a critical part of any property maintenance. When there is a buildup of moisture, it can trigger mold growth. When the mold growth goes unchecked, it can pose a health and safety hazard to people in the house, office, or other commercial space.

Extreme Spray Foam has trained professionals to keep your crawl space dry, clean, and mold-free. We provide several solutions to keep water out for good. 

We can work with your budget and timeline to get the best solution for your crawl space. We only use materials sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our crawl space encapsulation is one of the best ways to protect your property from moisture and mold growth.

It can be hard to spot crawl space problems since they see so little foot traffic. However, there are some signs of moisture and mold growth that owners should know about. Below are some of them:

Musty odors coming from behind the walls, roofs, or floors

A feeling of higher than normal humidity

A spike in heating and cooling utility costs

Warped floors

Condensation or water gathering on walls, floors, or ceilings

Any sign of mold growth 

Ready for a Crawl Space Encapsulation Service?

Our crawl space encapsulation service increases your property’s value, brings better air quality within it, and helps avoid structural damage problems in the future. Extreme Spray Foam is committed to ensuring that your crawl space needs are addressed professionally.

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