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When it comes to pole barn insulation, the best solution is to eliminate condensation and strengthen your building. If you are looking for the best pole barn spray foam insulation, let Extreme Spray Foam help you. We work with all types of properties in Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina.

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Pole barns are becoming a more popular option for homes, businesses, stores, and many more. They are versatile and simple structures that can be used for almost anything.

Pole barns can be built very quickly using strong, reliable, and inexpensive materials. No matter the purpose, the best way to protect whatever is inside is through our spray foam insulation. 

Our pole barn spray foam insulation saves energy. During the winter season, it keeps the inside warm, and during summer, it keeps the heat out and the inside cool. Adding our spray foam insulation can help you save energy costs. Your HVAC equipment will not have to overwork to get the same results.

Spray foam insulation is also the best way to keep out external noise. Even if there are heavy storms or strong winds outside, the noise inside the structure is minimized. Our pole barn spray foam insulation reduces noise pollution inside the structure.

Our spray foam insulation acts as a barrier to the outside world. It is water-resistant and will not reduce the number of house pests like bugs or rodents. It will keep moisture at bay, thus reducing mold and mildew growth inside the structure.

We recommend spray foam insulation for pole barns because it is much more effective than other insulation options. Not only does it keep your energy bill down but it makes your buildings structure stronger. 

The professionals of Extreme Spray Foam offer two options when it comes to spray foam insulation.  

Open-Cell Spray Foam

Open-cell spray foam is lighter and less dense than closed-cell. It expands a bit more, so it takes up slightly more space compared to closed-cell spray foam. However, this type of spray foam costs less than closed-cell. 

Closed-Cell Spray Foam

This type of spray foam is a lot denser than open-cell spray foam. While closed-cell spray foam is more expensive than open-cell, it is the better choice because it is efficient and provides a water-resistant barrier. 

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Our spray foam insulation expands to fill in the gaps and cracks, leaving behind a hardened surface that resists settling and structural degradation. We can handle all types of pole barns throughout Northeast Georgia!

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