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Concrete is the second-most used substance on Earth, next to the water. While it can be long-lasting, it doesn’t stay in good condition forever. Aged concrete is prone to all types of damage, making it both an eyesore and a safety issue.

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Two of the most common concrete repair methods in use today are mud jacking and polyurethane foam jacking. They share a common goal of repairing and leveling old or damaged concrete.

Despite their similarities, it pays to know their differences to choose the best method for your project. 

Mud Jacking

Mud jacking is also known as pressure grouting and slab grouting. In this method, sand, cement, and other materials are combined to create a slurry mixture. This mixture is then pumped into the holes drilled into the concrete to raise and level it.

This method is ideal for concrete that’s in good condition but is no longer level. It works best on slabs, driveways, porches, walkways, decks, steps, and more.

There are some projects where mud jacking is not the best choice. It won’t work for heavy or load-bearing slabs because it doesn’t have enough power to move them without causing damage.  

Polyurethane Foam Leveling

The first step in a polyurethane injection repair project is drilling holes. These are then filled with high-density polyurethane foam. This is also known as foam jacking.

The foam expands up to seven feet to fill any holes. It raises the concrete while leveling it out and filling any gaps between the concrete and the ground.

This method works best for large, heavy, or sensitive concrete slabs. It is also ideal for quick jobs such as roadway, thanks to its short curing time.

The benefit of using polyurethane over mud jacking is that it will not break down over time. This repairs a long-lasting solution.

Mud jacking is the traditional and less expensive method of concrete repair. However, a lower initial cost doesn’t always mean a better value.

Mud jacking requires expensive equipment that can’t reach or be used on all concrete. There’s no sense in buying a huge, expensive mixer to find out it’s too large to reach the broken concrete in your home.

Foam foundation repair is faster and more efficient. You can get your home improvement job done much more quickly.

A polyurethane foam injection lasts longer than a mud jacking repair job. It means you won’t have to repair the concrete as often. This will save you money in the long run.

For these reasons, we recommend polyurethane foam jacking over mud jacking. This method will provide you a better value for your money and a longer-lasting, better-looking concrete. It is also a versatile option that can repair any concrete. 

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Polyurethane foam leveling leads to a longer-lasting and quicker repair. It provides a better value for your money and the best choice for almost all projects.

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