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If you want your insulation to be as effective as possible, it should be installed throughout your home correctly. Let the experts at Extreme Spray Foam help you in making your home more comfortable. We proudly serve all residential properties in Northeast Georgia.

Extreme Spray Foam offers the following services:

Spray Foam Insulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Concrete Leveling

Slab Jacking

Spray Foam Roofing

Attic Insulation

Commercial Roofing

We have honest and dedicated professionals. We will only quote what you need. Furthermore, our charges are all-in so that you won’t be surprised if any additional charges. 

Not all people may know it, but wall insulation is vital to the overall comfort. Proper home insulation should be installed properly to achieve comfort. 

Our superior residential spray foam insulation can create unbeatable whole-home insulation. Our spray foam technicians are knowledgeable about spray foam insulation. We provide them the finest training, so we know that we only offer the best service.

Extreme Spray Foam has been providing residential spray foam insulation for many years now. We address areas of the structure that other contractors cannot. 

Spray polyurethane foam is an innovative foam plastic substance sprayed onto an open surface in paint-like form. It then expands to create an insulating barrier against wind and other weather conditions. 

Here are some of the benefits of spray foam insulation for your home.

  1.     Air Sealant

Spray foam expands and fills the cracks and holes in your home. Once hardened, it creates an airtight seal that blocks hot and cold air from entering. It also prevents indoor drafts. 

Our insulation has the highest R-value in its class. It means that our residential spray foam insulation is highly resistant to temperature conduction.

  1.     Weather Barrier

Whatever the weather may be, a protective layer of spray foam insulation keeps the outdoor elements out, and your heated and cooled air in. Our spray foam insulation also blocks allergens from entering your home, thus, keeping you comfortable all year-round.

  1.     Eco-Friendly

Our residential spray foam can reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. We help protect the environment and boost your overall home comfort while limiting the amount of ozone-damaging substances. 

  1.     Mold Deterrent

Spray foam insulation prevents mold growth and acts as a barrier against external moisture. 

  1.     Sound-Proofing

Once spray foam insulation is installed, you will immediately notice a significant decrease in outside noises.

If you want to know where do we use spray foam insulation, here are some of them:

  1.     Insulation in walls of new construction, additions, or knee walls
  •     Improves indoor air quality
  •     Noise reduction
  •     Increases energy efficiency
  •     Flexible installation to custom fit any substrate or construction shape
  •     Highly resistant to water, mold, and moisture
  1.     Attic Spaces
  •     Excellent application in unvented attic applications
  •     Adds shear strength to the structure
  1.     Basements
  •     Ideal for converting basements into living spaces

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