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Has your porch seen better days? Whether it’s porch repair or fixing cracks in the concrete, the job can be difficult and time-consuming. Let the professionals from Extreme Spray Foam handle your porch repair.

We have been serving all properties throughout Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina. If your concrete porch is having problems, the best solution is to fix it.  

Not all concrete porch damage is equal. There are several reasons you may need to repair a concrete porch. 

These damages may need different types of repair. That’s why keeping an eye out for the different damage types is important.

Below are some of the different types of porch damages that you may encounter. 


Cracks are a common problem for several types of concrete. While you can avoid cracks in concrete by proper maintenance, you may start to see either hairline or deep cracks in your concrete porch after some time.

If you’re starting to see cracks in your porch, that can mean that you’re dealing with structural problems underneath. It’s crucial to talk to an expert to determine your decisions going forward. 

Uneven Warping

Another form of damage that you might notice to your porch is warping. Rather than having the floor sink in the middle, one side sinking further than the other side. 

This may happen when you have more than one slab of concrete for your porch. If the slabs settle differently, there may be unsightly ridges between the two different slabs, making them uneven.

Since concrete is stiff, it’s unlikely to form a twist in the middle and not crack. You may find that the soil underneath is uneven, which causes these kinds of cracks. If you want to maintain your porch correctly, you need to discuss sinking with an expert like us before it starts to cause cracks.

Below are the main reasons why we use polyurethane foam for concrete porch repair. 

Polyurethane foam is lightweight.

One of the reasons why we do not recommend pressure grouting is its weight. The slurry mixture weighs about 120 pounds per cubic foot. This makes it very difficult for individuals to pump the mixture into the area.

In contrast, SPF is lightweight and can weigh around 4-6 pounds per square foot. This is because SPF expands 25-35 times its original size, making it a practical option. 

Polyurethane foam is waterproof.

While concrete is a strong material, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily waterproof. Furthermore, the soil beneath the concrete is not waterproof. This can be one of the reasons why your concrete is sinking.

Polyurethane foam is fully waterproof. One of the benefits of polyurethane foam is that you don’t have to worry about washout. That’s why it is the best solution to keep your sunken concrete propped up for a long time. 

Polyurethane foam has a quicker cure time.

Polyurethane foam makes it quick and easy for you and your porch. It has a cure time of around 15 minutes, which means that your porch is ready to use anytime soon. 

Get Professional Concrete Porch Repair from the Experts!

When you have problems with your concrete porch, it’s not enough to assume that everything is fine. Your porch can be telling you vital things about the rest of your property and foundation. Ignoring this fact simply will not help.

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