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Uneven concrete steps can be unsightly and can be dangerous to your family. Sunken or uneven concrete steps are a common occurrence as subgrade materials beneath your porch erode over time. When you need professional concrete steps repair, Extreme Spray Foam can help.

We offer polyurethane foam concrete steps repair for all properties throughout Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina. Our services are engineered explicitly for lifting, improving, and supporting your concrete steps. We specialize in the raising and leveling of concrete steps. 

Repairing sunken concrete steps can help you protect yourself and your property from liability, risks, and expensive foundation repairs. The subgrade strength of your property influences the stability of concrete structures. If the soil beneath the slab can no longer bear the weight of your steps,  you will notice that your home’s structures may become unlevel. 


Extreme Spray Foam uses a polyurethane foam injection to stabilize loose soils. Our team of professionals provides a strong support structure beneath the concrete that won’t crack. SPF will stand firm against severe environmental changes. 

Extreme Spray Foam can lift and restore your uneven steps using our proven restoration process. Whatever concrete step damages you have, we have the perfect solution to solve your specific problem. 


Our concrete step repair methods are cost-effective and can improve the looks and the value of your property. We have the expertise to carry out your concrete step repair project from beginning to end. Our technicians will explain the process to you to know what to expect and have confidence in our methods. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider polyurethane foam for your concrete step repair.

Polyurethane foam results in better water damage control.

Using polyurethane foam can pitch and grade your concrete quickly and economically. This results in better water drainage away from your home or foundation. 

Polyurethane foam is affordable and cures quickly.

Once you apply polyurethane foam, you don’t have to wait for it to dry. It cures quickly, so your concrete steps are ready to use in no time. 

Polyurethane foam corrects step height problems. 

When your property has step height problems, using polyurethane foam can improve the curb appeal without messy, invasive techniques associated with concrete replacement. 

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At Extreme Spray Foam, we take pride in what we do, and we’ve covered thousands of concrete problems similar to yours. From sunken steps to lifting uneven steps, we are confident that we can provide the best solution for your concrete problems.

Call us now at (706) 932-FOAM. We offer free estimates on all our spray foam insulation services. Extreme Spray Foam proudly serves Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina! Give us a call today!

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