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Have you noticed your garage floor sinking or becoming unlevel recently? If so, it’s time to consider garage floor leveling options to fix the problem before it becomes worse. Let the experts from Extreme Spray Foam handle your garage floor leveling needs.

Garage floor leveling is a clean and straightforward procedure, eliminating the need for expensive replacement or removal. Our team can complete an entire garage floor repair in several hours instead of several days. We proudly serve all properties throughout Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina.

Extreme Spray Foam uses a technique called polyurethane leveling. This technique is ideal for raising and leveling garage floors without removing or replacing the concrete.

Our technicians will come to your location, strategically drill small holes in your concrete, and inject a polyurethane mix. We will lift your garage floor and leave you with a level surface. 

Your garage floors typically sink and become uneven due to several factors. When it comes to garage floor leveling, you need an expert who not only knows how to repair your concrete floors but also understands why they fail in the first place. 

Sunken and unlevel garage floors are more than just an eyesore. They can become hazardous and continue to deteriorate over time if not addressed immediately. A lot of homeowners will simply ignore an open or unlevel garage floor, assuming it’s only a cosmetic issue.

Below are some of the factors that cause your garage floors to become unlevel or sunken. 

Water Drainage

When your garage floors are cracked, it can indicate a water drainage problem between the garage and the house. If left unchecked, it can affect the foundation of the home itself.  

Soil Displacement

When the soil beneath the garage floors has become displaced or was not compacted correctly from the start, it can be a problem. That soil needs to be stabilized and replaced before any future repairs can be done. If you don’t fill that void immediately, you will continue to experience your garage floors’ sinking. 

Settling with Age

Even if you have the most well-compacted garage floor foundation, there will still be some settling of floors over time. Generally, this will result in cosmetic cracks only and don’t necessarily need any repair.

However, if you see the cracks worsening over time, you need to contact a specialist to come in and do repairs. Polyurethane foam injection can lift a sunken concrete slab. 

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Our top priority is our customers, and we aim to provide them with the most effective and affordable solutions possible. By choosing the polyurethane foam method for your garage floor leveling, you will save money and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Give us a call today at (706) 932-FOAM. We offer free estimates on all our spray foam insulation services. Extreme Spray Foam proudly serves Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina! Give us a call today!

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