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Is there sunken concrete around your pool that creates a hazardous, uneven surface? Let the experts from Extreme Spray Foam provide pool deck leveling and repair services. We proudly serve all properties throughout Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina.

Our pool deck leveling can fix your sinking pool deck. We use innovative spray foam and stabilization technique that is faster, more affordable, and far less invasive than full pool deck replacement. It’s also better than deck resurfacing.

If you notice sunken concrete around your pool deck, call our professionals to have your pool deck inspected today. We can lift and restore your concrete to help eliminate trip hazards and pooling water problems.  

When your pool deck is sinking or otherwise unlevel, the first thing you will notice is its appearance and how it affects your pool area’s aesthetic. However, you may not realize that an unlevel pool deck is quite dangerous, even more than other uneven concrete areas.

When the concrete surrounding a pool isn’t properly leveled, water may collect in certain areas, resulting in a slip and fall hazard. This can be unsafe for children, who may ignore the puddles of water collecting on the deck.

Sinking pool deck concrete will eventually result in cracking. When there are cracks in your concrete, there’s always a chance that anyone can fall or trip. Moreover, if you have a slipper pool deck, this can be dangerous. 

Using polyurethane foam can raise and support sunken concrete pool decks by drilling holes and pumping material under the concrete slab. For best results, property owners rely on our expertise for the fastest and most accurate way to improve pool safety without shutting the pool down for more than a few hours.

Some of the benefits of polyurethane foam include:

The concrete won’t move or sink.

It has a quick cure time.

It can be driven on immediately.

It leaves a smaller drill size. 

As you prepare your pool for summer each year, make it a habit to check your pool deck and surrounding concrete areas. When you suspect there are some sinking or unlevel areas of your pool deck, call the experts of Extreme Spray Foam. 

We have a team of experienced and professional pool deck leveling and repair experts to handle even the most uneven concrete deck areas. Pool deck leveling is a much better solution than replacement due to the following reasons:

Pool deck leveling costs half or less of replacing the concrete pool deck.

Pool deck leveling does not damage the surrounding pool or landscape.

It can be set and ready for normal use within hours.

Pool deck leveling prevents slips, falls, and other accidents. 

Call the Pool Deck Leveling Experts!

If you are worried about the cracked, uneven deck, Extreme Spray Foam can raise it back to its original position and help restore your backyard pool area into the oasis it once was.

Call us now at (706) 932-FOAM. We offer free estimates on all our spray foam insulation services. Extreme Spray Foam proudly serves Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina! Give us a call today!

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