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More contractors choose slab jacking to lift driveways, pavements, garage floors, and even airport runways. If you need a professional spray foam insulation company, Extreme Spray Foam can help. We offer the best services for all your spray foam insulation needs. 

Extreme Spray Foam offers slab jacking for all your concrete leveling, void filling, and soil stabilization needs. This method is a quick and permanent repair process for correcting settled and unstable concrete compared to mud jacking.

Our team can fix everything from sidewalks, pathways all the way up to large foundations. We serve all properties in Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina. We have well-skilled technicians trained to assess, lift, and repair your sunken concrete and extend its service life. 

Slab jacking is superior to mud jacking in several ways. Mud jacking adds a lot of weight to the cement grout. If your concrete is already shifting and settling, adding this extra weight is too much.

In contrast, spray foam slab jacking weighs only about 4lbs per cubic foot while being extremely durable. That’s why it is the best solution for your concrete.

Below are some of the benefits of slab jacking spray foam. 

Saves you money

Repairing an existing concrete is much cheaper than trying to repour a new concrete pad or foundation. Slab jacking spray foam is an inexpensive fix for what would otherwise become an expensive problem in the future. 

Quick and Convenient

Since spray foam cures quickly, you won’t have any downtime or wait time before you can resume your work. Our team will get in, fix your concrete, and you can be up and running within the next hour. 

In-Place Repair

There is minimal disruption to the surroundings or landscaping because we will repair your concrete in-place. You don’t need to move anything away from the foundation. We will all do the procedure in place. 

Long-Term Repair

Unlike mud jacking, spray foam slab jacking is impervious to washout and water intrusion. That’s why foam slab jacking is more preferred if you’re not looking for a quick-fix that may not last.

The professionals from Extreme Spray Foam can lift sunken concrete, sidewalks, and driveways. Our service is done by injecting a high-density water-impermeable foam through injection ports going under the concrete. This will fill all voids until the foam raises the concrete or other substrate to its original height.

Our team uses only the best foam components available on the market today. Our spray foam is environmentally safe and displaces water while stabilizing the soil in the process. 

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